Bayonet 2000 WC (wire cutter)

To be fixed on the Diemaco C7(A1) Rifle & C8(A1) Carbine

In the nineties the Dutch Armed Forces replaced their FN FAL Assault rifles for the Canadian made Diemaco C7(A1) Assault Rifles & C8(A1) Assault Carbines. At first these rifles were to be fixed with the Buck made M9 bayonets but from 2005 these M9 bayonets were replaced with the Eickhorn made Bayonet System 2000 (B2K).

The blade of this bayonet is extremely flexible and is isolated up to a 1000 volts while using bayonet and scabbard as a wire cutter. The scabbard is very similar to the older Eickhorn model KCB-70 scabbard. The pommel and guard are of the M7 style bayonets. This bayonet is made of excellent quality and has a overall black oxide finish.


The Dutch versions of this Bayonet System 2000 can be identified by a "NLD" marking followed by a five digit serial number on the ricasso of the bayonet.

According to many Dutch soldiers this is the best bayonet they could have!


Dutch infantry soldiers carrying the Diemaco C7A1 with a fixed Bayonet System 2000 during a patrol in the South Afghanistan province of Uruzgan. 
Photo by combat-fotographer Arief Rorimpandey Audiovisual Service of the Netherlands Ministry of Defence

Overall Lenght: 310 mm
Blade Lenght: 184 mm
Muzzle Ring Diameter: 22 mm

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