Frequently Asked Questions

This Expression Web / FrontPage 2003 template package comes with the starter web site in .zip format. Unzip the package and start editing the pages. We strongly recommend you keep a backup copy of the .zip in case you need to start over. We have included a basic site structure with common pages to help you get started. You may rename the pages, add more pages, and add your content.

Your template comes complete with all of the pages and images you see here. We also give you more details on the Getting Started page. Read through each page within this template for more information.

Can I change the template colors?

While you can modify some colors within the included CSS file, some components within this template use a graphic image to achieve gradient effects. We have included a layered Photoshop (header.psd) file for your convenience. Note that an appropriate image editing software program is required to edit these files. We also offer support and modification services for those who feel they are unable to make changes themselves.

How do I add my site name?

The template uses the "header.jpg" image that has our sample business name applied as well as the top main image. We also give you a "header-blank.jpg" image that does not have any text or logo applied.

In addition, we supply you with a header.psd file with each element on its own layer. You can add your text using your favorite image editing software program and select your favorite font. Save your edited image as header.jpg into the images folder of your web and allow it to overwrite the existing file. [Note: You will need some type of image editing software such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Fireworks, etc. in order to edit this file. We also offer custom services where we will add your text for a nominal fee.]

About images...

Any images that you create outside of Expression Web should be saved in .gif, .jpg or .png format and imported into the images folder. If you create images within FrontPage from the Clip Gallery, save the page. In the dialog box, you may specify the folder where you want to save the images.