M1867 Snidergeweer Bayonet

To be fixed on the M1867 Snidergeweer (Snider Rifle)

M1867 Snidergeweer Socket Bayonet  (G. Priest collection)

By the Royal Order dated 24 Jan 1867 it was decided to modify 40.000 Getrokken Geweren No.1 with the new Snider system. This was done by the Dutch weapon maker P. Stevens, Maastricht (Netherlands) 30.000 rifles, the Birmingham Small Arms Company (UK) 30.000 rifles and the Geweerwinkel (WDW), Delft (Netherlands) approx. 23.000.

This bayonet will also fit the former M1815 and M1848 rifles 

The M1867 Snidergeweren (Snider rifles) were made from modified Getrokken Geweren No.1, which on their turn came from modified M1848 & M1815 rifles. All of these rifles were fitted with the same bayonets, only the length of the blades vary.


The M1867 Snidergeweer (Snider rifle) bayonets are considered rare by collectors.

Overall Length: 455 mm
Blade Length: unknown
Muzzle Ring Diameter: unknown

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