Collecting Dutch Bayonets

Welcome to "Collecting Dutch Bayonets".
This website is dedicated to all bayonets that are made in the Netherlands or were used by the Dutch Armed Forces. There are many very good websites about bayonets but there aren't many that are dedicated to Dutch Bayonets only.

Dutch M1895 "Navy" Bayonet with Scabbard

How It All Started

When I started collecting bayonets I initially collected every type of bayonet from all countries over the world. After a while I narrowed this down to bayonets from the following countries; Germany, Commonwealth countries, USA, Italy, Austria-Hungary, France, Japan and of course the Netherlands. Recently I started to focus on collecting Dutch bayonets and to spend more time on research about bayonets used by the Dutch Armed Forces.  

Goal Of This Website

The goal for this website is to share and gain more information about Dutch bayonets and how to collect them. I hope you will discover that collecting Dutch bayonets can be very joyful by both novice- as experienced bayonet collectors.


Please contact me if you have questions, remarks or additional information. If you want to receive information about one of your own bayonets just send me an email which includes at least one picture of it together with markings and numbers on the bayonet (and scabbard). I always am interested in obtaining Dutch bayonets to add to my collection. If you have Dutch bayonets for sale please let me know!


Erwin Muetstege
"Collecting Dutch Bayonets"

Dutch soldiers belonging to the 40th Infantry Regiment with their M1895 "Rifle" Bayonets (ca.WW1)