M1895 Inspection Markings

Inspections Markings, which is a character underneath a Crown, are to be found on the ricasso and pommel of the bayonet. Since M1895 bayonets are not marked with a production year marking, I try to get as many info about the inspector-markings because this gives a rough idea when a M1895 bayonet was made. Unfortunately not everything is 100% accurate.

Most of the time the Inspector had a inspection-stamp with his (surname) initial, there are however some who used other letters. Because of this irregularity I cannot be 100% sure. I hope that by keeping track of exact dates and comparing them to the different inspection-stamps, I can make this bulletproof. 

The following Inspection Markings are known:
(Crown-) B, E, H, T, Z, O, S, L, W (and a crown without a letter).

It has been noticed that many of the M1895 bayonets made by the Austrian maker OEWG (Steyr) were marked with a Crown-T inspection mark and that the German makers W.K.& C. and Alexander Coppel were often marked with a Crown-B Inspection Stamp.

Overview of some Inspection Markings on M1895 bayonets

Crown-E (left) and Crown-B (right) Inspection Markings on M1895 "Rifle" Bayonets

Much of this information was gathered by forum members of www.bajonet.be

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