The following links are recommended by me. They have proven to be very good and are made by very dedicated bayonet collectors and/or dealers.
Kristofer Verjans's excellent website in which a lot of bayonets from different countries are described. It also has a very active forum of bayonet collectors (I myself am also a proud member of the Forum). 
Dennis D. Ottobre's ("Otto") militaria website and is specialized in collectable bayonets. Next to collecting and selling bayonets, Otto also writes and sells very good eBooks such as "Bayonets of Afghanistan" and "Observations on Turkish Bayonets". 
Ron Riede's very good website that sells rare bayonets but also acts as an excellent tool to help you identify and to determine rarity of your bayonets. It has both a Free as a Paid membership section. (I also am a member of the Paid is worth every penny.) 
One of my favorite websites. It has many info on all sorts of bayonets from all over the world. You also can find dedicated pages (articles) on specific bayonets. 
It was because I visited Michael Curran's excellent website about Irish Bayonets that gave me the idea to make my own website about Dutch Bayonets. 
Ralph Cobbs's famous website about bayonets. Here you can find information about all sorts of bayonets but also on how to collect them etc, etc. 
At Shawn Gibson's website you can find the most rarest and scarcest bayonets. I bought my Dutch AR-10 bayonet from him and I have to say that Shawn sells excellent quality bayonets for a fair price. 
Dutch online bayonet and other edged-weapons dealer with a very nice collection of Dutch Bayonets. Also sells bayonets from other countries. 

This is the BCN (Bayonet Collectors Network) public website. The BCN is the leading worldwide organization of bayonet collectors. I'm also a proud member of the BCN. 

The Maddox Collection 
This the most inspiring bayonet collector of my time! If it wasn't for him and his bible on bayonets and bayonet collecting, I was still collecting cutterly.

Collecting Bayonets by J.A. Maddox 
The absolute Bayonet Collectors Bible! Every serious Bayonet Collector should have one...and only they do! This was the man that first welcomed me in the BCN and I keep a copy of it in my "Collecting Bayonets" Book. The name "Collecting Dutch Bayonets" is my tribute to this man! 

On this very nice site you can find photos and factual info on bayonets & certain military surplus fire arms, etc.

Derek's virtual collection of British & Commonwealth bayonets. Here you can find a lot of info regarding (regimental) markings, rare and common bayonet types etc etc. Derek also shows some of his bayonets that are on sale. 
Interesting site with a bayonet-database and many more.
One of the finest book writers, researchers & sellers about firearms & bayonets in the world! They are the ones that are holding the official Kiesling rights and publicize the famous Kiesling "Bayonets of the World - The Complete Edition". They also publicize many books (in English) about Dutch, German, USA, British etc weapons. I truly recommend to take a look in their online bookstore!
Jason Kaplan's site is a absolute 'To-Go-to' website! This guy has a lot of bayonets and swords for sale. Although he also sells some of them on, the best finds you will do is on his own website. Jason is recommended by one of the finest fellow collector that I know. Enjoy! (The best thing is that he is selling very nice Dutch M4 bayonets!).

USA...With the Help of the Dutch 
To be honest...this has nothing to do with collecting bayonets, but it is a piece of history every American & Dutch should know!





There are more links to follow.