M1858 Navy Musket Bayonet

To be fixed on the M1858 Marinebus (Navy Musket)

M1858 Marinebus (navy musket) bayonet with leather scabbard,  J. Maddox collection

In 1861 the M1858 Marinebus (Navy Musket) was issued to the Dutch Marine Corps (Korps Mariniers). Because of this a new model of bayonet was introduced. The former Hirschfanger style bayonet (M.29 Jagermusket) was replaced by a Yataghan style bayonet. According to some logs no more than 2000 of these bayonets were ever made.

This bayonet has a long mortise with a dovetail slot on the reverse side of the hilt and was fixed to the side of the barrel of the musket. Although the muskets themselves were made in Liege (Luik) and Maastricht (P. Stevens) these bayonets were made by Schnitzeler & Kirschbaum (S&K), Solingen in Germany. I expect that P. Stevens, Maastricht (Netherlands) also made several of these M1858 bayonets. 


Left: the obverse side of the hilt. Right: the reverse side of the hilt with mortise. (J. Maddox)

The M1858 Marinebus bayonets are considered extremely scarce by collectors.

Overall Length: 627 mm
Blade Length: 508 mm
Muzzle Ring Diameter: N/A

M1858 "Navy Musket" Bayonet Collection:

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