M1873 "Socket" Bayonet

To be fixed on the Remington Model 70/73 Carbine

Above is the M1873 bayonet & below is the M1871 bayonet (courtesy of www.eBAYONET.com)

This bayonet has a strong resemblance to the M1871 (1st pattern) bayonet. This bayonet was originally very dark blued and was used by the KNIL (Royal Dutch East-Indies Army). 

Main features of this very rare bayonet are:
- Shorter socket the the M1871
- A contoured inner mortise slot bridge
- Two piece muzzle ring 

These M1873 "Socket" bayonets were not produced in large numbers and are considered rare by collectors.

Overall Length: 570 mm
Blade Length: 515 mm
Socket length: 55 mm
Socket outside (front) Diameter: 22.4 mm

M1873 Bayonet Collection: