M1895 "Carbine No.3 & N0.4" Bayonet

To be fixed on the M1895 No.3 & No.4 Mannlicher Carbine

Above: M1895 "Carbine No.3" with hooked quillon (J. Maddox collection)
Below: M1895 "Carbine No.3" without the hooked quillon (E.G. Muetstege collection)

In 1896 the bayonet for the Carbine No.3 was introduced. This bayonet had a total length of over 60 cm with a triangular T-back blade. Because the Carbine No.3 was to be carried on the back of a soldier, the pommel (similar to the rifle bayonet) was turned by a quarter (1/4) in order not to damage the soldier's clothing.


Initially this bayonet was fitted with a hooked quillon, but was to be removed since 1900. This bayonet was also used for the Carbines No.3 New Model and the Carbine No.4.

Dutch M.95 Carbine No.3 NM (collection Dutch Army Museum)

Although the bayonet remained the same there were different versions of scabbards. For the No.3 Carbine the scabbard had a longer integral leather frog and also had a lower placed securing leather strap for the Artillery version, while the Engineers version had a higher placed strap. For the Carbine No.4, issued to the Bicycle Corps, Signal Service and machine-gunners, a scabbard with a lower integral leather frog was used. The reason behind this was to prevent the scabbard from swinging into the spokes of the bicycle wheels.


Above: No.4 (Bicycle Corps) Middle: No.4 (Engineers), Below: No.3 (Artillery)
(Eric Lakke collection)

Overall Length: 607 mm
Blade Length: 483 mm
Muzzle Ring Diameter: 14,5 mm

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