M1895 "Carbine No.1 NM" Bayonet
(1st variation) 

To be fixed on the M1895 Carbine No.1 New Model

Eric Lakké collection

During the First World War a bayonet got issued to be mounted on the Carbine No.1 Old Model. The reason behind this was that the Cavalry of other countries were issued with bayonets. When the Dutch Cavalry and Mobile Artillery replaced their No.1 Old Model Carbine for the No.1 New Model Carbine they also changed their converted Beaumont bayonets for a brand new type  M1895 carbine bayonet.

Dutch M.95 Carbine No.1 NM (collection Dutch Army Museum)  

This was the last carbine bayonet of the Netherlands Armed Forces and got issued in 1918. This bayonet had a similar pommel as the bayonets for the No.3 and No.4 carbines, but had a double-edged (knife) blade like the KNIL issued rifle bayonet.

Eric Lakké collection

Overall Length: 372 mm
Blade Length: 251 mm
Muzzle Ring Diameter: 14,5 mm

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