M1895 "KNIL-Artillery" Bayonet
(KNIL = Royal Netherlands Indies Army)

To be fixed on the M1895 KNIL-Artillery Carbine 

Dutch M1895 KNIL-Artillery bayonet (E.G. Muetstege collection)

A strange fish in the Dutch-Indies pawn was the bayonet that belonged to the M1895 KNIL-Artillery carbine. During the tests of the M1895 rifles, experiments were done with a bayonet that had no grip and was screwed onto the rifle. The KNIL-Artillery bayonet, which was issued in 1904, was a modified version of this. The blade was equal to the other KNIL carbine bayonets but indeed had no grip. The rear end of the bayonet (pommel) was to be inserted into the bayonet lug of the M1895 KNIL carbine and to be fixed with a coiled press stud (located on the carbine). The KNIL-Artillery carbine stayed in service until 1938.

Dutch M.95 KNIL-Artillery Carbine (collection Dutch Army Museum)

Approximately 1500 to 2000 KNIL-Artillery carbines and bayonets were ordered by the Oesterreichische Waffenfabriks Gesellschaft, Steyer (OEWG). Although this bayonet looks very similar to the 'standard' M1895 KNIL carbine bayonet but has a lower placed muzzle ring. The KNIL-Artillery carbine bayonet has a muzzle ring that is placed 3 mm lower.


Left: The distinct pommel that needs to be inserted in the bayonet lug located on the carbine
Right: Low placed muzzle ring with serial number 1900A

It is known that several of these KNIL-Artillery bayonets were later converted/modified into the more regular used M1895 KNIL carbine bayonet. These converted bayonets received a pommel and of course some grips, but still can be identified by the hole under the grip and the 'crude' way the pommel is attached onto the bayonet (see gallery). The M1895 "KNIL-Artillery" bayonets are currently extremely rare and only a few are known!

Overall Length: 334 mm
Blade Length: 248 mm
Blade Width: 18,6 mm
Blade Thickness: 6,8 mm
Hilt Length: 80 mm
Hilt Width: 18,5 mm
Hilt Thickness: 3,8 mm
Muzzle Ring Diameter: 14 mm

M1895 "KNIL-Artillery" Bayonet Collection:


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