M1895 No.1 Old Model (O.M.) Bayonet

To be fixed on the M1895 No.1 O.M. Mannlicher Carbine

During the First World War a bayonet got issued to be mounted on the Carbine No.1 Old Model. The reason behind this was that the Cavalry of other countries got issued with bayonets during WW1.

When the Dutch find out that it became a standard to also equip a cavalry unit with bayonets, they made a very simple & cheap discussion; cut down the existing M1871 Beaumont bayonets and make them fit the new M.95 Carbine. The original bore of c.17,5 mm was bushed to 14 mm.

Dutch M.95 No.1 O.M. Carbine (collection Dutch Army Museum)

The No.1 O.M. bayonets has a leather scabbard with a separate leather frog connected by a leather strap. The scabbard square body is covered with brown leather and with a steel ferrule. Overall length is 382 mm.


These bayonets are currently very rare and only a few collectors have them. The one that is shown here is in the collection of Graham Priest.

Overall Length:  437 mm
Blade Length: 365 mm
Socket Length: 65 mm
Muzzle Ring Diameter: 14 mm

M1895 No.1 Old Model (O.M.) Bayonet Collection:


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