M4 Bayonet

To be fixed on the M1 Carbine

Above: A first model Dutch M4 bayonet with scabbard.

This Dutch Single-edged M4 bayonet is almost identical to the US M4 bayonet but is of a much better quality. The Dutch M4 bayonet was made by the Solingen (Germany) based Hörster, which can be seen by the stamped "H" inside an oval (trademark of Hörster) located on the back of the guard. These bayonets were ordered by the Royal Dutch Army around the early 1950's.

Three models of the Dutch M4 bayonets exist; the first model has a grip locked with two brass rivets while the second model has a grip with two screws. The third model is identical as the second model but has no rivets in the guard. All first model M4 bayonets that came in for repair or overhaul, had the rivets replaced by two blackened domed screw bolts.


Left: Two rivets in the guard and the trademark of Hörster.
Right: Grip with brass rivet (first model).

The grips are maroon plastic with a six groove pattern. The crossguard is much heavier than the US version and has a 1mm step at the base of the muzzle ring. The scabbard has a body of plastic-reinforced plywood with blued steel mounts. Dutch M4 scabbards are without any markings. Attached to the scabbard is a green webbing belt loop with a pommel strap and a belt hook.

Overall Length: 295 mm
Blade Length: 170 mm
Muzzle Ring Diameter: 15 mm

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