Model-C "FN-FAL" Bayonet

To be fixed on the FN-FAL Assault Rifle

Dutch Model-C "FN-FAL" bayonet with scabbard (E.G. Muetstege collection)

Since 1962 the Belgium company FN-Herstal supplied the Netherlands Armed Forces with their FAL "Fusil Automatique Leger". This weapon became very favorable among Dutch soldiers because of it's reliability, 'stopping-power' and accuracy. Although it was a very new type of rifle it came with a old concept type of (socket) bayonet.

Dutch Model-C "FN-FAL" bayonet in original wrapping paper dated February 1977 

This bayonet, like all other socket bayonets was to be fixed over the flash hider of the barrel. This is also why there are four slotted openings that are corresponding with the openings in the rifle's flash hider.

FN-FAL Assault rifle

The entire bayonet is made from one piece of steel. The hilt and the first 1 cm of the blade are blackened while the rest of the blade is parkerised olive drab.

The Dutch scabbard can be identified by a black steel body with a green web belt loop, secured by rivets.


Left: the typical holes that corresponds with the holes in the rifles flash-damper.
Right: the typical socket slot of the Dutch Model-C "FN-FAL" bayonet.

Overall Length: 290 mm
Blade Length: 170 mm
Muzzle Ring Diameter: 22.5 mm

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