(German WW2 converted M1895 "Rifle" Bayonet)

To be mounted on the M1895 Mannlicher Rifle

After the German invasion in the Netherlands during the Second World War (May 1940) Dutch Bayonets were given to Dutch volunteers who joined the German Army (SS-Westland Regiment) and to other German regiments. 

According to an original German document dated 23 November 1942 the Germans renamed the M1895 "rifle" bayonet and called it the Seitengewehr 102 (h). This document also mentioned/ordered that the M1895 blades should be shortened to 280mm and that the leather scabbard also should be shortened in order to fit the bayonet again.

Only the Dutch M1895 "Rifle" bayonet (without hook) was converted by the Germans into the Seitengewehr 102 (h). The M1895 "rifle" bayonet (with hook) was named the Seitengewehr 101 (h).


Overview of German WW2 names for Dutch M1895 bayonets:

It is also a known fact that the Germans used captured Dutch bayonets in their original length and that these bayonets were also referred to as the Seitengewehr 101 (h), 102 (h), etc. 

Overall Length: 402 mm
Blade Length: 280 mm
Muzzle Ring Diameter: 14,5 mm


Seitengewehr 102 (h) Gallery:

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