UZI Prototype Bayonet

To be fixed on the UZI sub machine gun

Dutch UZI Prototype bayonet with scabbard (Dutch Army Museum collection)

Very little is known about this type of bayonet. The Dutch company Artillery Inrichtingen "Hembrug" (AI) made this prototype for the UZI sub machine gun that was issued in the Dutch Armed forces. The Netherlands was the first country, besides Israel, that ordered the UZI sub machine gun for their Armed Forces in 1958.

although the Dutch Armed Forces were issued with a UZI with a bayonet lug, they never ordered (or received) a bayonet. Personally I think (speculate) that Artillery Inrichtingen "Hembrug" (AI) made this UZI prototype around the same time when they also were making the Papoea Korps bayonet and AR-10 bayonet. In 1960-1961 the Papoea Volunteers Korps (PVK) received the AI made bayonets for their FN-Mauser carbines, next to these FN-Mauser carbines the Dutch also provided the Papoea Volunteers Korps with their new bought UZI sub machine guns. I therefore suspect (speculate) that the AI made this prototype to gain a construction order for this type of bayonet next to the Papoea Korps bayonet from the Dutch government.

The UZI prototype bayonet  has a strong resemblance to the Papoea Korps bayonet. There are however some differences, the UZI prototype bayonet has different pommel and mortise slot. the coiled press stud is also located lower on the pommel. The pommel also have two off-set rivets that are placed vertically (while the Papoea Korps has vertical placed rivets). The grip of the UZI prototype is also different because it is much shorter, wider and ergonomically shaped. The overall length of the UZI prototype bayonet is also less than that of the Papoea Korps and AR-10 bayonets.


Left: the pommel of the Papoea Korps bayonet.
Right: the pommel of the UZI Prototype bayonet.


Left: the AR-10 bayonet (left) and the UZI Prototype bayonet (right).
Right: UZI Prototype bayonet fixed on the UZI sub machine gun.

The Papoea Korps Bayonets are considered very scarce by collectors.

Overall Length: 300 mm
Blade Length: 191 mm
Muzzle Ring Diameter: 16 mm

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